Picking a Career As a Real Estate Appraiser – The Right Place, at the Right Time

A career as a real estate appraiser can be quite a challenging and rewarding one. If you are tired of listening to news of the dismal jobs prospects they say nearly every career out there has, the projections they report for a job as a real estate appraiser should sound refreshing to you. There is actually real demand for new appraisers and there isn’t enough new talent coming in. So what is a real estate appraiser anyway? They are the professionals who for a fee, will come in and appraise a home or in other words, value a home, for what it’s worth. There is a reason why they work for a fee and not a commission – if they received one of those, they would be anxious to have a house sold, and that would affect the impartiality of their opinion. They receive a fee for their professional opinion, no matter what the outcome of the negotiations. Usually, it’s the mortgage companies that employ qualified real estate appraisers. You could in fact do no more than a couple of appraisals a day and make a pretty good living.

So what does take to be a real estate appraiser? Not a whole lot. In most parts of the country, classroom training that lasts about 100 hours is all you need. With that kind of training under your belt, you become a licensed trainee appraiser. Just in case your area follows different guidelines, you could ask the appraisal foundation for your local area. Are you ready yet to become a professional appraiser? You will be as soon as you complete 2000 hours of work and a little more training. As soon as you receive your certified residential certificate, you should be ready to be working for $250 an appraisal. You could make even more if you get a little more training to become a certified general appraiser. Once you have that working for you, you’ll be allowed to appraise mansions and huge estates. You can make a grand living.

Three years ago, the training needs were not even what they are today. The training requirements were raised to the current level in the year 2008. With only a little training, you’ll find that you’re in demand; right now, with the housing market beginning to look up, it should be great time for you to get into the field. You should be trained and primed to go when the market finally completely recovers.